About the Ghost Tour

As one of the oldest ghost tours in the country, and the original Ghost Tour in Philadelphia, we have offered haunted history tours in southeastern Pennsylvania since 1995. Today, the tour is recognized as one of the most unique and entertaining attractions in the city. In 2011, Budget Travel Magazine named the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia one of the top 15 “must see” attractions in the country, saying, “The best part: All the ghost stories are based on documented accounts, which makes them all the more spooky.”

Ghost Tour of Philadelphia

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ghost Tour?

The Ghost Tour of Philadelphia is a 75-90 minute candlelight walking tour of Independence Park and Society Hill. Guided by a costumed storyteller, the tour stops at a number of historic sites that have reports of hauntings and other strange legacies. The nature of the route creates an intimate experience as we stroll the lesser-traveled streets of old Philadelphia. The tour is outdoors, so it's best to dress appropriately for the weather. The Ghost Tour of Philadelphia also offers specialty tours and events throughout the year.


Do we need reservations?

Yes. Call 215-413-1997 or 215-413-7000 to make reservations.


Is advanced ticket purchase required?



Where do the tours begin and end?

Walking Tour: Begins at Signers Garden at 5th and Chestnut Sts. and ends at 2nd and Walnut Sts.

Ghosts of the Mansion Tour: Begins at Signers Garden at 5th and Chestnut Streets and ends either at the Powel House, 244 S. 3rd St., or at the Physick House, 421 S. 4th St.

Ghost Tour of the Haunted USS Olympia: Takes place entirely on the Olympia, 211 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19106.


What time should we get there?

Arrive at least 10 minutes before tour time.


What should we wear?

Wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.


What happens if it rains?

We make every attempt to conduct the tours; therefore, we do go in the rain. (So bring an umbrella!) If weather conditions become severe, the tour may be cancelled. This decision is typically made at tour time. Cancelled tours may be rescheduled or refunded.


What are the average sizes of the tours?

Tour sizes are limited and additional guides are called in as needed.


Where do we park?

There are many metered parking spots and parking garages nearby. The tours are easily accessible by public transportation as well. See  SEPTA, NJ Transit, PATCO, Amtrak, and Greyhound for more details.


Are the tours wheelchair accessible?

The Ghost Tour is wheelchair accessible. The specialty tours' accessibility depends on the historic site. Call 215-413-1997 for more information. Specialty tours require 24 hour advanced notice.


Are the stories true?

All stories are historically documented through interviews and research, and they weave together the history and haunted tales associated with the sites. They are based on the book, Ghost Stories of Philadelphia, PA.


Are the tours suitable for children?

Yes, the tours are family appropriate, combining history, folklore, and ghost stories. The tour was named one of the top 15 "must see" attractions in the country for kids under 15 by Budget Travel Magazine.


Are cameras allowed on the tours?

Yes! In fact, many people have sent us creepy photos they have taken on the tour.


How many people do I need to get a group rate?

This number varies for each tour. Call 610-587-8308 or email ghosttour@ghosttour.com for group rate information and reservations. Also visit our group tour  page.


How do I arrange a private tour?

Call 215-413-1997 or ghosttour@ghosttour.com for private tour information.


Are we going to see a ghost?

There have been many reports of unusual sightings and experiences on the tours, so bring your camera. You never

know what might appear!


How is this tour different from others in the city?

The Ghost Tour of Philadelphia is a guided tour with a costumed storyteller. The stories you will hear are based on the book Ghost Stories of Philadelphia, PA, which is available for purchase on location and at bookstores. Our company has specialized in Ghost Tours since 1995. Above all, the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia ensures a hauntingly good time for all ages!


Partners: PhilaLandmarks, Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia Trolley Works & 76 Carriage Co., Independence Visitor Center, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, Valley Forge Convention & Visitor Bureau

Haunted Histories

Read about the fascinating history of the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia in this press release from our 10 year anniversary  (PDF) >


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Ghost Tour in the News

Named one of the top 15 "must see" attractions in the country! (Frommer's Budget Travel Magazine)


Featured in Budget Travel's article about "12 Best Family-Friendly Destinations" in the World


Voted Best Guided Tour in Philadelphia (Philly Happening List)


Voted Best Ghost Tour in Philly and one of the top five tours in the city! (Philly Hot List)


Delaware County Daily Times: Ghost Tour of Philadelphia is spookilicious!


Featured in Visit Philly's TOP HALLOWEEN HAUNTS every year since 2008!


Where Magazine: "Learn the historical, heartbreaking and occasionally grisly origins of Philadelphia’s notorious ghosts by taking a spirited tour of the city’s most haunted sites."


The Courier Post: "For a moment, it seems, the city has returned to its colonial days...What's lurking inside, however, may be disturbing, dead, but forever bound to this world -- and perhaps the script of a good ol' ghost tale."


Voted one of the top 10 Ghost Tours in the country by America's Best Online!


Recommended by the Independent Traveler for Sightseeing Philadelphia with Families.


Examiner.com: "...a great way to spend a day, afternoon or evening and a favorite of day trippers from near and far."


Featured in USA Today's nationwide coverage of ghost tours: "Get Spooked on a Walking Tour."


Spark Weekly: "This is the tour that actually might make you a believer."


Philadelphia Weekly: They "do a terrific job of setting the tone. ... It's a fright fest that also makes you feel good about all the stately historical stuff our city has going for it."


Featured in Fodor's "Around Philly with Kids": "The tour is like a movable campfire, where each stop brings another story."


Suburban and Wayne Times & King of Prussia Courier: "The tour...is more than simply the ghost stories themselves. The guides are knowledgeable about the histories of the buildings and the customs during colonial times."


Metro: "These candle-lit tours of Old City and Society Hill are the real thing."


The Philadelphia Inquirer: "Walking tours throughout the city are numerous, but I was looking for something different. I settled upon the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia."


Front page feature in The Courier-News: "Philly ghost walk illustrates historical and spiritual past."


What about Reviews?

We receive feedback from customers through a variety of channels, such as by email, phone, and in person. Far less than 1% of our customers post comments online. Some comments are positive, some negative, but both have helped us to improve our tours over the past 20 years. We fully support the right of people to express their opinion regarding our tours, and we would like to express our opinion regarding some reviews of our Ghost Tours posted on sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp.


Frequently, we are asked, “Is it scary?” or “Will we see a ghost?” And we understand where you’re coming from. We love nothing better than to visit our local Halloween haunted house to have the bejeebers scared out of us, or perhaps to have a “close encounter” of our own like you see on ghost hunter TV shows.


But that is not what we do or what we are about. We tell ghost stories. We pride ourselves in being storytellers, the old-fashioned kind, where a live person spins a tale using their personality and the story itself as the special-effect, not props, or videos, or contrived encounters. Our stories are researched, steeped in history, and many are based on personal interviews. They may be disturbing, or amusing, or intriguing – but all of our stories are based on true experiences by real people.


Our storytellers typically commit two months to learn the stories, and they work constantly at the craft to enhance their performance. Each guide brings a special brand of theater and style to the tour. We encourage originality, so no two tours are ever the same.


Sharing ghost stories since 1995 has been extremely fun and fulfilling, and we will continue to present our type of “live entertainment” until death do us part…or perhaps even longer!


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