Many of our Ghosts of the Mansion Tours follow the phases of the moon, as many ghost hunters and paranormal
investigators believe that the moon affects paranormal activity. A consensus about which phase corresponds to the
most activity has not been reached, but each moon phase seems to lend itself to certain curious circumstances.
Ghosts of the Mansion Tours are also scheduled for nights that traditionally have a connection to the realm of the
supernatural, like Friday the 13th and Halloween night, nights when strange occurrences are common and
mysteries are unmasked.
Tours depart from Signers Garden at  5th and Chestnut Streets
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Tours last 75 to 90 minutes and end either at the Powel House, on 3rd below Walnut Street,
or at the Physick House, on 4th between Spruce and Pine Streets, depending on tour schedule
$22 per person
Tickets are limited and advanced purchase is required.
Call 215-413-1997 to purchase tickets by phone, or
buy tickets online
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Ghosts of the Mansion Tour
Push aside the cobwebs of haunted Philadelphia
and step inside a haunted Society Hill mansion for
ghostly tales of mystery and intrigue!

This special Ghost Tour begins outside, with visits
to the Strangers Burial Ground and other haunted
hotspots, and ends with a tour of either the Powel
House or the Physick House, colonial-era
mansions in Society Hill. Both sites are said to be
haunted, with strange and unexplainable
experiences reported for over 70 years.

This 90 minute walking tour includes the use of
basic EMF meters (electromagnetic field meters)
for the curious ghost hunter.
We know the real ghost stories, the real haunted houses
and where they buried the bodies!
Contact Us
Call: 215-413-1997 or 215-413-7000
Group & Private Tours
Available year-round. Call 610-587-8308 for more information.
Additional tour times will be added as needed. Please call 215-413-1997 if tickets are unavailable
online or to inquire about a date not on the schedule.

When you purchase tickets online or over the phone, your name will automatically be added to the
tour reservation list. Just show up to Signers Garden with ID, and the tour guide will check you in.

A portion of proceeds benefits the
Philadelphia Society for the Preservation of Landmarks
Do the ghosts of
Peggy Shippen, the
Marquis de Lafayette,
& Eliza Powel still
walk among us?
Inside the Powel
House, home of
Philly's Patriot
A ghostly visitor, an
ethereal woman, a
dark figure...why do
these spirits haunt
the Physick House?
Inside the Physick
House, home to the
'Father of American
Whose restless
spirits haunt the
Strangers' Burial
Ground, better
known today as
Ghost Tour of Philadelphia, PA
We Bring History Back to Life!

Stay tuned for the Spring 2015 schedule!
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